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Personal Injury Firm With Over 51 Years Of Experience


Personal Injury Firm With Over 50 Years Of Experience

Board Certified | Texas Board of Legal Specialization | Personal Injury Trial Law
Board Certified | Texas Board of Legal Specialization | Personal Injury Trial Law
Downtown Seattle with Mount Rainier in background
Downtown Seattle with Mount Rainier in background

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Dependable Guidance THROUGH CRISIS

Most people, regardless of their cultural differences and backgrounds, tend to lead their lives with a sense of purpose in a community that is mutually respectful of one another. Unfortunately, circumstances will arise that can cause harm to people as they go about their everyday lives.

When the worst occurs, The Armstrong Firm is ready with the knowledge and experience that will give you the best possible representation so that justice can be gained and dignity restored.

Protecting Our Community

We believe that each person plays an essential role in the makeup of a strong, fully-functioning society. When one of these members is faced with a crippling personal injury, either physical or financial, it takes away some of the strength of that community.

Today’s court system can be a labyrinth to the person who is simply trying to regain a sense of normalcy in life after a tragic accident or loss. With over three decades experience and an unquenchable desire to help people, The Armstrong Firm has a track record of successful litigation that will provide the peace of mind to move forward confidently in the legal system.

We’re A Known Commodity

Too often, people and businesses over promise and under deliver. Clients who come to us from other attorneys, often say they never saw their previous lawyer. At The Armstrong Firm we take pride in providing a transparent and up-front service. Our attorneys take a detailed approach, working directly with clients.

At The Armstrong Firm we’re committed to helping our clients as we would our own family and neighbors. No matter what you are dealing with, you can call us for a helping hand. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case by calling the Brownsville office or Boerne at 956-594-5370. We look forward to helping you.

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