What is Bankruptcy?

When person or business find themselves in a position where they can no longer pay their creditors, bankruptcy can be available.  Those going attempting to go through the bankruptcy process deserve to be properly represented so they get every chance to recover financially. Those who feel that Bankruptcy is the only option left will often feel overwhelmed with how the process works and how it will affect them. As experienced Bankruptcy attorneys The Armstrong Firm will guide you through the process and counsel you with compassion and care as you work to get back on your feet.

What are Bankruptcy Chapters?

There are many chapters of Bankruptcy with Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 being the most common.  Each chapter requires different things, from a Chapter 7, where debts are totally discharged or paid off with liquidated assets to a Chapter 12 which is specifically for family farmers and fishermen.  Included in bankruptcy is also knowing which assets you are allowed to keep as exemptions and when you can keep those assets, such as your house or car.  We will help inform you which chapter of the Bankruptcy Code you should to file under, advise you on which assets you will be able to keep and negotiate a repayment plan if necessary. With many years of filing and representing cases in Federal courts, we have the knowledge to help you when it feels like you have no where else to go