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What you need to know about complex regional pain syndrome

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Blog

Many car accidents and slip-and-fall incidences result in injuries that are readily apparent and require immediate medical care. But sometimes these wrecks and accidents result in harm that isn’t discovered until much later. These injuries tend to linger for a significant period, and they can be excessively painful. A lot of people who suffer from complex regional pain syndrome know this reality all too well.

What is complex regional pain syndrome?

This is a medical condition where an individual experiences pain that is disproportionate to the injury itself. It’s believed that this pain is caused by damage to a part of the nervous system, though the exact cause is unknown. Those who suffer from this medical condition most frequently experience pain in an arm or a leg.

What are the signs of complex regional pain syndrome?

There are a lot of symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome. Any of the following may be indicative of the condition:

  • A burning sensation in the extremities
  • Being sensitive to the touch
  • Being sensitive to coldness
  • Swelling in the area of pain
  • Stiffness in affected joints
  • Decreased mobility
  • Changes in skin color, temperature, or texture

Remember that these are just some of the signs of this medical condition, and that there may be other symptoms. These symptoms can change, too, which can make it hard to diagnose the condition.

What’s at risk with complex regional pain syndrome?

Outside of the enormity of pain that can be felt by a sufferer, this condition can result in further complications. For example, a sufferer may experience atrophy when they refuse to use a limb that is in pain, which means that muscle and other tissue in the area can deteriorate. Contraction may also occur, where the muscles tighten to such as extent that fingers and toes become curled in their resting position.

How is the condition treated?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for complex regional pain syndrome. Instead, sufferers have to rely on a number of therapies to try to ease their pain. This may include some combination of over-the-counter medication, nerve-blocking medication, steroids, and even acupuncture, just to name a few.

To figure out which course of treatment is right for you, discuss your circumstances with your doctor. Be open and honest about the pain that you’re feeling and don’t try to downplay what you think may be contributing to your condition or the extent of the pain and discomfort that you feel.

Be aware of the other ramifications of this condition

Outside of the physical pain that this medical condition can cause, it can also result in extensive emotional suffering, and the expenses tied to your medical care may be overwhelming. Taken together, your condition may make it impossible to live a normal life, meaning that you may be unable to do the things that you once loved, and you might even be incapable of working.

Fight to recover what you need and deserve

As stressful and overwhelming as all of this can be, you don’t have to sit back and just accept your situation if you’re suffering from complex regional pain syndrome. Instead, you can diligently work to build a legal claim against the party that harmed you.

If successful on one of these claims, then you can obtain a sense of accountability and recover the compensation that you need to offset your losses. Hopefully, then, you can focus on managing your pain and reclaiming as much of your life as you can.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to position yourself for this kind of outcome, then now is the time to consider speaking with a legal professional who will aggressively represent you.