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Consumer Law

Consumer law is a broad area of law that covers everything from product labeling to consumer credit and everything in between. As consumers we expect companies to uphold warranties and agreements related to their products or services. Unfortunately, not all companies do and at The Armstrong Firm we are here to represent you when this happens.  You have rights as a consumer to be presented factual information and for companies to honor their agreements with you. Don’t let the size or reputation of a company scare you away when you have been wronged. The Armstrong Firm has vigorously defended the rights of ordinary consumers like you against some of America’s largest companies including Wal-Mart and Ford.

Consumer Credit

A part of consumer law is consumer credit. Consumer credit covers everything from required documentation and disclosures to temporary loan contracts. Within this area of law is also the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which governs how debt collectors can attempt to collect their debts from you. This includes laws that do not allow creditors to be abusive, unfair or deceptive. The FDCPA covers personal, family and household debts, including personal credit cards, medical bills, automobile loans and mortgages.

Product Liability

While product liability is a specific area of law, it is also covered under consumer law. Under product liability, we see cases concerning product safety and labeling. This includes making sure that the creation of products follows appropriate safety standards and has recall systems in place and that any health and nutritional information are listed in a legally directed way.