What are my Rights as a Creditor?
Often times Creditors assume that in cases of a debtor’s financial hardship or Bankruptcy they lose their rights to a claim. At The Armstrong Firm we have provided many Creditor’s support and litigated tirelessly to help them win their share of a bankrupt estate, their place at a debtor’s court hearing when liquidating assets and pushing for proceedings to prevent debts from being discharged. Even after bankruptcy cases, creditors may also have rights to ask a debtor to honor their debts even after they have been discharged.
Will the State I live in or do business from affect my rights?
While Bankruptcy hearings occur in Federal, not State court, Creditor’s Rights do vary from State to State. Local laws and regulations may be stricter then thaose governed under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and The Armstrong Firm we will be able to tell you without a doubt what specific laws you must follow when collecting debts.
Does the kind of debt matter?
Just as Creditor’s Rights are different depending on the State, they are also dependant on the type of debt. These differences depend on a variety of factors including whether debt is secured or unsecured and the type of assets the debtor owns. With decades of experience, The Armstrong Firm will work diligently to inform you of your rights as a Creditor and litigate to recover what is rightfully yours.