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Experience Helping the Victims of Escalator and Elevator Accidents

When you step on an elevator or an escalator, you trust that it will safely take you to your destination floor. Every year, though, thousands of unfortunate riders find themselves with serious injuries after an elevator or escalator accident. If you or someone you love is in this situation, The Armstrong Firm is ready to represent you.

For more than 50 years, we have assisted the people of Brownsville, San Antonio and the surrounding region of Texas with complex personal injury claims. One of our attorneys is an engineer, so we understand how to approach the complexities of escalator and elevator accidents so you have the best chance of recovering maximum compensation.

What Are the Most Common Escalator/Elevator Injuries?

Among the most common accidents that occur on elevators and escalators are:

  • Falling down elevator shafts
  • Tripping on uneven floors
  • Sudden drops
  • Door entrapments
  • Trip and falls or slip and falls
  • Clothing or skin caught in an escalator

In severe cases, a rider can even suffer a fatality. Anyone who experiences one of these accidents should seek immediate medical attention, then contact an injury attorney.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Often, more than one party has liability for an elevator or escalator accident. Examples include:

  • The property owner for failing to maintain the equipment
  • The manufacturer for failing to assemble the equipment properly or using defective materials or parts
  • The parts manufacturer for creating defective products
  • The maintenance company for failing to maintain the equipment

Determining liability in one of these incidents is a very complex process. We know how to go about it, from interviewing witnesses to gathering evidence at the accident scene to hiring maintenance experts.

Premises Liability, Maintenance and Responsibility of Maintenance

The individual or company that owns the building with the elevator or escalator has an obligation to make sure that the equipment receive regular maintenance in accordance with the appropriate codes. Often, a separate company handles the maintenance, not the building’s usual maintenance team. The maintenance company also has a duty to inspect and repair the equipment properly. Both parties might be liable if improper maintenance contributed to your injuries.

Preservation of Evidence

Following any major incident and injury, Defendants and their experts will immediately make efforts to investigate and undertake repairs, potentially destroying valuable evidence – usually within hours. Timely notifying and inspecting the subject equipment is critical to preserving your right to a fair and impartial evaluation of the issues presented in each case. Do not hesitate to reach out and secure our services to protect your interests.

Get Our Experienced Help – Today

Getting injured on an elevator or escalator is a nightmare. No one deserves it, so we are ready to help you advocate for your rights. To speak with one of our team members, please schedule your free initial consultation with us by calling the Brownsville office or Boerne at 956-594-5370, or by using our online contact form.