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Numbers say Fiesta has a spike in drunk driving auto accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

San Antonio is well-known for its annual springtime Fiesta. It is an exciting time for residents and visitors from throughout Texas and other areas. This event was originally staged for heroes of famous battles in the state’s history. Various events are staged and people take the opportunity to enjoy themselves.

Unfortunately, that does not always mean those who are celebrating are completely responsible. Drunk driving is a major problem with Fiesta. So much so that there is a major statistical increase in these incidents during the event. People who have been injured or lost a loved one due to a drunk driver during Fiesta should be cognizant of what options are available in the aftermath.

Drunk driving accidents and Fiesta are a lethal combination

San Antonio benefits greatly from Fiesta with the influx of visitors and the financial windfall. Even with the good points, the festivities can also be dangerous. According to statistics, there is almost a 20% rise in drunk driving accidents while Fiesta is happening. For the estimated 2.5 million people who attend Fiesta, this is a legitimate concern.

Recent numbers from the Texas Department of Transportation were accrued over a seven-year period. According to the data for 2012 to 2018, Bexar County had nearly six accidents that had alcohol as a factor on a normal day.

While Fiesta is taking place, that increases to seven. In addition, there is a 41% rise in injuries. In this time-frame, there were just shy of 600 alcohol-related accidents during Fiesta. There were 13 deaths and 348 injuries.

The county is known for having one of the higher rates of alcohol-related accidents in the state in general. This is much worse during Fiesta. Local law enforcement is trying to educate people on the danger of getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. They are also cracking down with more arrests being made. That has not stopped some drivers from driving drunk.

People hurt in a drunk driving accident have options

People are often unsure of what to do after an auto accident. Given the potential problems they might face in every aspect – physically, personally, professionally, financially – they can be overwhelmed. This is exacerbated when the accident did not need to happen and occurred during a prominent event like Fiesta because of a drunk driver. It can impact anyone from children to older people and those in between.

In these instances, it is wise to know what can be done to hold those drivers accountable for what they did. That could mean taking aggressive steps to try and recover fully. Fiesta is a time for enjoyment, but if a drunk driving auto accident led to injuries or death, it is crucial to move forward as quickly as possible and try to recover a sufficient amount to cover for what was lost.