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How can I build a strong truck accident personal injury case?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Personal Injury

In many instances, a semi-truck accident results in catastrophe. Vehicles are totaled, victims are left with debilitating injuries, and the emotional trauma of the event can cause extensive mental harm. For victims who are left to pick up the pieces after one of these wrecks, the future can look ominous, and they might not know where to turn for help. As uncertain as things may seem, though, they have options for seeking accountability and compensation for the damages they’ve suffered.

Perhaps the best way to attain these goals is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. While you can file one of these claims against both a negligent trucker who caused the accident as well as their employer, even the most straightforward causes oftentimes become highly contentious. If you don’t know how to hold your own against a defensive truck company, then your claim and your recovery could be put at risk.

How to build a strong truck accident personal injury case

To maximize your chances of winning your personal injury case, you need to be diligent in gathering and presenting your evidence. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Gather police records: Police reports are going to help you set the stage for your accident, and it might also shed light on opinions as to how the accident occurred. The police report will also identify witnesses that you can follow up with to get their take on the events.
  • Talk to witnesses: Although you’ll want to subpoena witnesses to testify in your case, you should only do so after talking to them, that way you know what they’ll say on the stand. You certainly don’t want to be taken by surprise at trial, which is what could happen if you don’t talk to witnesses beforehand.
  • Subpoena trucking logs: Many truck accidents are caused when drivers fail to abide by hours-of-service regulations, which specify how long they can drive in a day. But you might not know that your accident was caused by an overworked and tired trucker unless you gain access to their trucking logs. These logs can also help you show that the trucker was performing their job duties at the time of the accident, which will give you the ability to tie liability to their employer.
  • Secure truck maintenance records: Some truck accidents are caused by defects in the truck. The vehicle might’ve had faulty brakes or worn tires, for example, which should’ve been caught by routine inspections that then led to necessary repairs. By gaining access to maintenance records, you can identify these shortcomings.
  • Think about having an accident reconstruction: Some multi-vehicle accidents are difficult to decipher to figure out the exact cause. These complicated circumstances give truckers and their employers plenty of opportunities to avoid liability. In these instances, you might want to have an accident reconstruction conducted so that you have an expert opinion as to how the accident occurred and where the blame falls.
  • Obtain other expert opinions: There might be several other contentious issues in your personal injury case. For example, when the extent of your damages come under fire, you might want to support your position with expert testimony from a doctor who can speak to your condition, your prognosis, and your need for ongoing care and treatment.

Hold negligent truckers and truck companies accountable for the harm they cause

If you want to put yourself on the path to a robust recovery, then you need to take aggressive legal action against those who have caused you harm. That can be daunting to think about, but you can ease some of your fears by adequately preparing your case and surrounding yourself with the help that you need.